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2017.10.13 Complaint to BBC Response to initial complaint about The World Tonight report on 27 June 2017 and a follow-up complaint.

Charecroft Fire Risk Assessments 2017

Bush Court

July 2017
(PDF- 870kb)

Shepherds Court

July 2017
(PDF- 870kb)

Woodford Court

August 2017
(PDF- 910kb)

Roseford Court

August 2017
(PDF- 875kb)

From 8pm on Wednesday 28 June 2017, Fire Wardens will be patrolling Charecroft and Edward Woods estates 24 hours a day.
They will not be accessing residents' homes.

London Fire Brigade Fire Safety in the Home leaflet
Latest Advice from LFB on "stay put" policy

Latest Updates from LBHF on response to Grenfell Tower

Charecroft Fire Risk Assessments 2016

Bush Court

22 December 2016
(PDF- 180kb)

Shepherds Court

12 December 2016
(PDF- 310kb)

Woodford Court

15 December 2016
(PDF- 270kb)

Roseford Court

14 December 2016
(PDF- 275kb)
The many deficiencies in the December 2016 FRAs have been pointed out to the Council, and they accept these.
New Fire Risk Assessments for the whole Charecroft Estate are currently being prepared for the Council by C S Todd and Associates, which should be available in the next few weeks.
The Council has committed to following up on the recommendations in these new FRAs and keeping residents informed of progress.

2017.06.30 LBHF Update on Removal of Panelling including notice of CTRA meeting on 6 July

2017.06.29 LBHF Fire Safety Update including double/triple adaptor exchange scheme

2017.06.28 LBHF letter to Charecroft residents about Fire Wardens

2017.06.27 BBC Radio 4 The World Tonight report on Shepherds Court fire

2017.05.01 LFB letter about fire risks of external panelling in tall buildings

2017.04.07 FOI Correspondence between LFB and LBHF from October 2016 to April 2017

2016.10.03 London Fire Brigade Report on fire at Shepherds Court on 19 August 2016

2015.10.08 Shepherds Court Fire Risk Assessment of 8 October 2015

Extensive fire safety works were carried out across Charecroft estate in 2014-2015.

2013.10.22 Shepherds Court Fire Risk Assessment of 22 October 2013

2012.06.14 Shepherds Court Fire Risk Assessment of 14 June 2012

2009.10.01 Hunters report on Shepherds and Bush Courts of October 2009